Electrical works

Building light and heavy current networks is not an obstacle for our ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ specialist. We undertake new electrical network constructions, standardization, troubleshooting and maintenance. Making EPH and safety reports are also in our scope of activities.


Sheetrock works

Building walls, partition walls, suspended ceilings can be quickly and precisely handled by our experts, all in time and cost-effective.



One of the most prominent processes of the activities is painting, coating and wallpapering, after all, this is when our home got it’s final mood. In addition to traditional cylindrical painting, our masters are more often using spray gun to form a smooth layer and reduce the drying time.



Your water, gas, heating systems are built with the utmost precision. Modern materials and sanitary ware are designed for a long service life, eliminating the possibility of later breakdowns.


Fenestration change

Do you want to keep your home warm? We can help! We undertake the installation of high quality, German-made doors and windows with a short deadline.



Cold, warm cover or flooring? Our professionals help tp make your ideas reality.



No matter what basis your home is built on. For the sake of the perfect result, it is essential to properly prepare the site as it will affect the quality of the workflows that comes after.



Our carpenters are take-on works from design to construction. They bring your ideas to life, make your kitchen furniture, cabinets and other furniture elements in any scale.



We undertake works as wall movings and demolish to open up spaces.


Cím: Budapest XIII. Visegrádi utca
Méret: 70 nm
Típus: Tégla építésű lakás
Cím: Budapest VII. Hársfa utca
Méret: 69 m2
Típus: Nagypolgári tégla lakás
Cím: Budapest VII. Akácfa utca
Méret: 69 nm
Típus: Nagypolgári tégla lakás

Would you renew your apartment? Would you change your home? We will help you!

Dear visitors and future partners!

Our company is being active in the construction industry since 2013 and working on full interior reconstructions and refurbishments of tenements. We undertake the realization of apartments, family houses, offices and business premises according to our clients wishes. Our principes: reliably, quickly and accurately carry out the tasks entrusted to us, which we make with the set deadline and guarantee. We feel that it is important to emphasize that we are employed by  professionals. In the course of work we are following a project approach, working with the required and optimal technology sequence, planned ahead and being organized.

Our clients keep in touch with the project leader, thereby save time and energy, since they don’t need to consult each other technician individually and be an expert in building engineering. We’re using Hilti, Makita and Festool products so there is no technical obstacle to high-quality work. For our professionals we provide tools specifically developed for their fields. In every case we give the best of our knowledge and experience to create value for our customers. We are convinced that all operations should be done as we would with our own home. We know that renovating our greatest valuables, building a new family nest, or renovating a business is an important decision for everyone. Our goal is that our customers should think about us with happiness and satisfaction.during construction and after the works done.

We recommend ourselves to those who need quality work and smooth implementation. We are looking forward to working with architects and designers too! If you have a request, please feel free to contact us!